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Software solutions for the financial industry

We have more than 25 years of experience in the financial industry. Starting from individual software projects, lots of products have been generated which are currently used in more than 250 banks and savings banks.

arxes-tolina software solutions have demonstrated to function well and be efficient. They can be very well integrated into existing IT infrastructures. In this way it is possible to attain significant savings.

All arxes-tolina products distinguish themselves by an attractive price-performance ratio and pay off very quickly.

arxes-tolina software solutions for banks

Abgabe 2 (Filing 2)

Automate the processes during the transfer of commitments which do not fully perform in the market and save up to 30 minutes for each individual account



Abwicklung 2 (Processing 2)

Automate handling processes, including calculations inproviding a reserve in case of bad debt, calculation of receivables and interests and electronic process management 


Backoffice 2

Flexible order system for cost-transparent and controllable execution of bank processes by specialised service units 



Dispokredit 2 (Overdraft facilities 2)

Automatically manages and adapt itself to the ratio of regular earnings and overdraft facilities



Einkommensanalyse 2 (Income analysis 2)

Exact determining of the regular income of the customers 



Handelsregister 2 (Register of commerce 2)

Not missing any important changes of the entries in the commercial data entry of the customer 



Insolvenz 2 (Insolvency 2)

Ability to recognize insolvencies and affidavits of regular customers at an early stage and efficiently handle them 


ISP-Prozesse 2 (ISP Processes 2)

Professional advice and support to optimize your processes on the interactive service platform of the financial information technology  


Kreditrisiko 2 (Credit risk 2)

Recognizing commitments fraud ot high risk at an early stage and clearing them 



Mahnwesen 2 (Dunning process 2)

Better dunning successes by flexible dunning groups, letters and charges 



Nachlass 2 (Estate 2)

Efficiently process estates, automatic support of the reclaim of pension



Pfändung 2 (Garnishment 2)

Process entries of seizures within a few minutes, with automatic account disposition, control of automated teller machines and highest automation



Postrückläufer 2 (Postal returns 2)

Efficiently improve and sustainable ensure quality of the customer addresses, information also from the data pools of the german post and other sources 



Reporting 2

Simply edit evaluations and use database knowledge more

Riester 2

Efficiently manage Riester savings agreements and decrease the efforts of switching providers 



Sanierung 2 (Reconstruction 2)

The module Reconstruction allows the automatic classification and processing of reconstruction cases 



Saldenbestätigung 2 (Confirmation of statement of the accounts) 

Simply create confirmation of statement of accounts, Bafög (federal student financial aid program) and confirmations at the end of the year with a single click of your mouse 



Überziehung 2 (Overdraft 2)

Rapidly and cost-efficiently reduce overdrafts; individual processing of different customer groups 


In particular in the sector of savings banks arxes-tolina has been known as an innovative and reliable partner for a long time. On this strong basis we were able to also make customers of numerous mutual savings banks and private banks. Take the benefit ot our extensive experience we have gained over many years. 

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