Handelsregister 2

Monitoring changes of the entries of the register of commerce

For instance lots of changes in companies have to be entered in the register of commerce for instance a change in management, changes in the partnership agreement or renaming of companies.

Lots of these changes may be relevant for credit institutes for instance as new sales starting point. Handelsregister 2 (Register of commerce 2) ensures that you are informed about all changes on a daily basis.

Handelsregister 2

  • Automatically identifies changes in the entries of the register of commerce of your customers
  • Saves the considerable manual research work regarding relevant new entries in the register of commerce
  • Creates an electronic file for each customer and subscribes for all new entries of this customer in the register of commerce if required
  • Automatically changes the master data of customers and helps the person responsible in long routine tasks
  • Automatically creates customer correspondence and e-mails


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