KommInform 2

Efficient credit and dept management

Kommlnform 2 (MunicipalityInform 2) was developed in order to automatize processes regarding the credit and debt management.

Practical relevance for municipal particularities

The software is tailored to the special requirements of facilities of the public authorities and credit institutes. Due to the close cooperation with municipalities the association of public banks (VÖB), Landesbanken and representatives of the saving banks group this application has a high practical relevance.

Function and benefits

KommInform 2

  • considerably facilitates your debt and credit management
  • considerably saves costs
  • allows Doppik-compliant working methods
  • analyses the credit portfolio and shows saving potentials
  • simulates interest scenarios in the loan portfolio as well as their effects and provides planning and decision support
  • delivers numerous statistics (e.g. GFSchu)

Kommlnform 2 is modularly structured and currently used by about 70 municipality customers. This includes municipalities, administrative districts, municipal companies and credit institutes.


Are you interested in KommInform 2? Do not hesitate to send an e-mail or to give us a call. We look forward to helping you.