Kreditrisiko 2

Recognize credit risks in time
and smartly alleviate them

Have you been asking the following questions quite frequently? 

  • When deciding on kind of service and the measures it has been noted that it has been always taken manually and therefore ended up being so elaborate?
  • Why do we focus on important commitments, even though a lot of small cases may also contain high risk?
  • Do we know for sure that the measure which we take in order to minimize the risk are highly effective and are being implemented at any circumstances?
  • Does our risk management withstand a review, i. e. according to paragraph 44 KWG (=German Banking Act)?
  • Why can’t we be permanently informed about our business being at risk with fraud, including ongoing statistical information - from the early detection up to the processing?

We will answer your questions. Let us talk about your current process. 


The software credit risk 2

  • reliably detections in critical commitments
  • allows to take rapid and effective corrective actions
  • optimizes the input-benefit-ratio
  • increases the revision security
  • allows comprehensive controlling
  • creates opportunities in sales
  • supports in passing an external review 
  • improves the overall bank's financial result

Automatic reconstruction processes 

The module Reconstruction allows the automatic classification and processing of reconstruction cases. A multistage decision process leads to determination strategies of action and controls the implementation of the reconstruction concept.

You may also use the module Reconstruction as  self-contained software. This application allows you, to reconstruct commitments threatened by non-payment successfully and efficiently.


Are you interested in Kreditrisiko 2 (redit risk 2? Do not hesitate to send an e-mail or to give us a call. We look forward to helping you. 

If you have already purchased Credit risk 2 you may also directly contact the technical support in case of questions.