Nachlass 2
Nachlass 2

Efficiently process successions

With the death of an account owner the account keeping institute needs to perform elaborate working steps. Besides the blocking of a accounts and cards the saving of features in the core banking system and lots of other activities it is generally necessary to edit an estate duty notification.

Nachlass 2 (Estate 2) was developed for the rapid, cost efficient and reliable solution of this elaborate task. This program which was successfully introduced at lots of institutes fulfils all tasks which need to be performed in connection with the death of a client. 

Function and benefits

Nachlass 2

  • increases the quality of the processing of succession by standardized work sequences
  • saves time by automating manual processes
  • works integrated in the core banking system, uses all saved data and adapts them to the circumstances of the death
  • creates all necessary documents and e-mails at the push of a button
  • increases the ability to obtain and provide information towards the customer
  • reduces the paper binding and creates high transparency

Automatic procession of  reclaims of pensions 

Often the pension service is informed about the death of a pensioner a few weeks later and subsequently reclaims too much paid pensions from the account keeping institute. This entails a series of elaborate verification and work processes in the credit institutes.

The module Nachlass 2 Reclaim of pensions was developed in order to automatically and efficiently proceed these tasks. 


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