Public sector

Solutions for municipalities and
companies of public authorities

Applying our software solutions and turning administration procedures in municipalities and companies of the public authorities into a more automatic functioning. For more than 25 years, we have developed software for savings banks and become a member of the municipal family.

arxes-tolina solutions for the public sector

Kita-Planer 2 (Daycare planner 2)

This web-based software optimizes the assignment of daycare places and reduces the efforts for municipalities, daycare centres and families


KommConnect 2 (MunicipalityConnect 2)

This application was developed in order to guarantee an efficient and transparent communication between financial administration and specialist departments.



Kommlnform 2 (MunicipalityInform 2)

This application was developed in order to automatize the credit and debt management of municipalities, credit institutes and other companies. 



KommInso 2 (MunicipalityInso 2)

This application automatically identifies persons who are in debt with communities and are also concerned by insolvency.


Multiprojekt 2 (Multi project 2) 

This software serves to manage your project portfolio. By using tolina Multi Project 2 you will be always aware of the essential success and risk factors.




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