Pfändung 2

Market leader in the automatic
garnishment processing

Pfändung 2 (Garnishment 2) is market leader in the electronic garnishment processing in Germany. With tolina software, about 10 million garnishments are processed in about 250 credit institutes per year.

Interfaces to lots of systems 

Lots of back office service providers taking care of the garnishment processing for several institutes are using the tolina program. This clearly indicates the continuous innovation advance and highest efficiency on the market since more than ten years.

Pfändung 2 is equipped with interfaces to the core banking systems of Finanz Informatik, SAP, Sparda-Banks, Targo Bank, Santander Consumer Bank and comdirekt bank.   

Function and benefits

Pfändung 2

  • centrally collects all relevant data for seizure processing from the incoming up to the completion in an electronic file
  • takes over the disposition of seized accounts
  • automatically calculates rankings and delays as well as interests and receivables and controls the payment transactions
  • creates the standard documents of the correspondence at the push of a button
  • identifies and considers social security benefits with their retention periods
  • fully or semi-automatically posts back direct debits
  • offers different statistic evaluations
  • currently automatizes the problem of the monthly change as only solution on the market
  • offers an integrated disposition of debtor's accounts for seizing protection

Drawing optimization potentials 

With our optimization package "Pfändung 3.0" you may make your processing even more efficiently. Please find further information here.

Advice on your garnishment processing

Profit from our comprehensive technical and professional knowledge which is based of the experiences of 245 customers who are satisfied with the features of Pfändung 2
Please find more information about our advice services here.

Professional discussions, surveys and raffles about the topic 'Seizure processing' under the new topic blog www.drittpfä
Discuss with the persons responsible for seizure in other institutes and experts from commerce and associations. 


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