Project phase model

Software projects are implemented in five phases at tolina:

Project phase

During the project firstly a rough outline of the required functions will be determined. Often the performance requirements of a software project are so complicated that no clear statements are possible regarding the cost frame, realization term and scope of services at this point. Therefore, the scope of services is further specified in the following phase and determined as project target. Based on the initial outline, we will establish the first quotation which indicates the customer at an early point in time which project size he will be facing.

Specification phase

With a placement of order (or partial placement of order) the specification phase starts including the following features:

  • Organization consulting
  • Actual and target analysis
  • Creating a concept
  • Profitability study
  • Functional specification or requirement specification

At the end of this phase we establish a detailed quotation with a clearly defined scope of services. Depending on the customer requirements the degree of details is quite different. A fully differentiated quotation offers optimum planning security but at the same time it represents a high expenditure of time for the specification. We recommend leaving a specification of the functions which require further development to the arxes-tolina developers.

Realisation phase

During the realization phase the desired functions are programmed and the individual modules are compiled to well-functioning software solution. For complex projects the key functions of the later application are programmed in prototypes. Then we will mutually check which functions are already covered by the prototypes. The further processing is resulting from these tests.

Implementation phase

During this phase the suitability is beeing checked with the future users. In addition to that the last finishing touches are performed. At the same time, we will install the software and train the administrators. An important part of the implementation phase is the commissioning of the application in real time operation and the efficient operation. In order to that, that we will need to train in detail the future users on how to operate the software. Regarding the theoretical instruction we will be offering a practical support which has already been proven during this phase. This phase is completed with the training course.

Maintenance phase

The maintenance phase includes:

  • the adaptation to the changing framework conditions (technical, functional and organizational)
  • The support of the users and administrators in case of questions regarding the operation and configuration of the application

If the anticipated scope of the application surpasses a certain framework, we will proceed this task as an independent project.


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