Riester 2

Efficiently manage Riester savings agreements

Riester savings agreements are an important product for provisions of a person's old age and real estates for credit institutes. The corresponding adminstration efforts increase by the continuously increasing number of agreements and their long terms. 
Special efforts are generated due to capital transfers throughout the changes of the provider or in case of a cancellation of Riester savings agreements which could cause damage to financial support.

Function and benefits 

Riester 2

  • generates comprehensive AA01 notifications at a push of a button
  • automatically takes over values relevant to the contract from the core banking systems, e.g. figures for the year, AZ- and ZA notifications as well as extra-pay applications
  • maintains all relevant information in a revision-proof manner in an electronic file, reduces the paper binding and saves costs
  • provides for standardized processes in handling Riester savings agreements and automatizes lots of activities which had been performed manually up to now
  • generates letters and follow-ups at the push of a button 
  • works integrated in the core banking system and among others the following actions in case of a change of provider: setting the date of termination, bank transfers to the new provider, deleting direct debit payments and many more

Riester light

Using Riester light you can generate AA01 notifications at the push of a button. Please find further information as well as the order form on the product flyer on the right of this page.


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