Saldenbestätigung 2

Generating certificates at the push of a button
and therefore increasing profits

To generate confirmation of annual financial statements, confirmation of Bafög or confirmation of statements of accounts resp. information on assets do not have to be related to such large efforts any longer.

The software solution Saldenbestätigung 2 (Confirmation of statement of accounts 2) was developed as efficient and reliable program of this elaborate task. 

Reduce effort - increase profit  

The software allows you to determine balances, interest earnings, persons authorized to sign or interest terms on a daily basis or at an effective date with regard to accounts, saving certificates, bonds, credits and securities.

At this interests are taken into consideration. Upon request it is also possible to indicate them separately. The application also directly books the handling fees from a freely selectable customer account.

New: Saldenbestätigung in core banking system of Finance Informatik

In September 2013 tolina Saldenbestätigung 2 was included in the OSPlus basic offer of the Finanz Informatik (FI) - the core banking system of the german saving banks. The application  is completely integrated in OSPlus and is made available to the affiliated savings banks via the terminal server. 

We offer you additional optional services so that you are able to use the application more rapidly and more efficiently and are able to adapt the configuration to your individual requirements.

Function and benefits

Saldenbestätigung 2

  • generates confirmation of balances and annual fiscal statements with considerably less efforts
  • works integrated in the core banking system and does avoids errors caused by manual handling
  • saves staff and material cost
  • records the balance of current accounts, savings accounts and fixed-term deposit accounts, Sparkasse saving bonds, credits or guarantees of a bill of exchange

Demo version

Do you want to easily test the software with your own data? Order our demo version of Saldenbstätigung 2.


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