Voice over IP and unified communication

The modern type of communications

The homogenization of data and phone networks created new technical options and high saving opportunities. Voice over IP (VoIP) is well established as platform for a complex information provision and processing.

We are offering you a broad portfolio of services. Our experiences are based on lots of successful customer projects.  

arxes-tolina offers in the field VoIP und their benefits

  • Unified Messaging - central communication centres: Saving time and effort by integrating Voice-Mail, E-Mail, Fax, SMS, Video, Audio, etc.
  • Intelligent control of your communication with central rules
  • It is possible to edit documents in parallel
  • Access to contact databases simply by phone 
  • Individual Contact-Centre solution for companies of any size
  • Simple provision and monitoring of networks
  • Virtualized Voice applications (VMware + Mitel Virtual Solutions) 
  • Implementation of VoIP gateways into your analogous structures
  • Planning, advice and implementation when switching to VoIP telephony
  • Integration of existing communication forms (Fax, SMS or answering machine) in your existing mail environments
  • CTI integration for individual phone and video conferences
  • Planning of Teleworking working places with VPN

Trust in our knowledge, we are your contact for professional and efficient VoIP applications. 


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