Testing systems for solid shafts

The axis of wheel sets is thoroughly checked for surface imperfection by means of the arxes-tolina testing system for solid shafts. Especially the critical areas of the cross-section transitions of individual shaft sections, such as the wheel receiver or the crack of the break disk, are checked by our system with high reliability.

In the development and production of this testing system arxes- tolina is successfully cooperating with the competence partners BIP and Fraunhofer IZFP Dresden. 

Advantages of the arxes-tolina testing systems for solid shafts

Our testing system for solid shafts has the following performance features: 

  • Compact and robust structure
  • Easy operation by only one controller
  • Viewing of the testing is possible online  
  • Low operating cost: almost maintenance-free, long service life 
  • Short testing time of 3-5 minutes per shaft
  • Reproducible and professional documented test results
  • Testing of all solid shafts on the train is possible

The system follows the test instructions of the Deutsche Bahn and complies with the specifications according to the DIN EN 12668.

Modular structure for maximum customer flexibility  

Due to the modular structure, the testing system can be specifically adapted to the individual customer requirements. The customer receives exactly what he really needs. Furthermore, the individual modules can even be used for other testing systems. 

The systems includes the  following modules 

  • Ultrasonic testing system
  • Module for data acquisition and data evaluation
  • Control module
  • Database to archive and display the results


Do you have questions regarding our testing systems for solid shafts? Do not hesitate to send an e-mail or to give us a call. We look forward to helping you.