Reliable e-mail communication in a
revision-proof manner for work groups

A large part of the business communication is performed by e-mail. The processing of electronic mail requires a lot of time. Often the individual recipients are absent due to meetings, illness or holidays; their e-mails remain not replied.

Efficient communication as a competitive advantage

When important decisions are not taken; customers, business partners or suppliers have to wait or even get disturbed by this situation. team-mail was developed in order to avoid such problems.

This program guarantees a professional e-mail processing on the basis of work groups and/or recipient groups.

Function and benefits


  • organizes the e-mail processing in group mailboxes by means of e-mail addresses which are independent from persons
  • allows access to all e-mails to all group members
  • monitors the processing of e-mails and escalates to the group manager
  • saves time and cost by predefined processes and filing concepts
  • increases quality and reliability of e-mail processing by workflows
  • organizes data filing and sets up a documentation of all processes in a revision-proof manner
  • is easy to operate and can be integrated into any existing e-mail structure on the basis of Lotus Notes

Test version team-mail

We offer the latest team-mail version to everyone who is interested to test it before purchasing.

The demo version, which is offered for download is a full version of the program, operates fully after installing on a Domino server. 
In order to be able to download the demo or full version it is necessary to register with tolina. If you have not registered yet, please send a mail to or call us.

If you have already registered, please log in with your access data - if you have not already done so - in order to access the download area.


Are you interested in our software team-mail? Do not hesitate to send an e-mail or to give us a call. We look forward to helping you.