Early identification of credit risks

The identification of non-payment risks in time is a central module of the risk control in credit institutes. It is not only concerning the suitable choice and correct calibration of the analysis parameters.

Efficient processes are required 

Only with adequate further processing of commitments, which are at risk of non-payment, it is possible to efficiently reduce the determined risks.. In the practice a stringent process is often missing. Furthermore the responsibilities are often distributed sub-optimally. 

Avoid non-payments

Due to the described non-conformances reserves for bad debts can easily occur for instance since a customer advisor did not consequently act when the first striking features occurred. These non-payments can be easily avoided with the help of our consulting service.  

Your benefit  

We support you in the process related configuration of your early identification of risks. We will also optimize the further processing in the frame of intensive care, reconstruction and processing.

From this stage onwards, we will mutually develop suitable information systems in cooperation with you to be able to fall back to the current risk situation on address level and to check the process quality or to calibrate the parameters of the early detection of risks.

Benefit from our specialist knowledge, our long-term experience in banks and savings bank and our process supported software solutions. We will be glad to submit you a personalized consultation offer.


Are you interessted in our consulting services? Do not hesitate to send an e-mail or to give us a call. WWe look forward to helping you.